Time-Space Feng Shui

What is Time-Space Feng Shui?

Xuan Kong (Mystery of the void) Feng Shui, also known as Time-space Feng Shui, is the classic empirical system of Feng Shui used in China for more than five thousand of years. 

It encompasses the Science of Bagua, Symbology, Numerology, Yijing and the mathematics of time and space.

It consists of three parts: Xuan Kong Fei Xing (the flying stars technique), Xuan Kong Da Gua (the Earth qi configuration) and Xuan Kong date selection.  Each method can be used as a system in itself.  However, when all three methods are used together, they bring about the alignment of heaven, earth and man.  This is extremely powerful.

The Flying Stars deals with the distribution of heaven qi according to the magnetic facing of the space. 

The Flying Stars system helps us to bring the most harmony and prosperity for a given space, such as a home, a business office, a retail store, or an industrial space.

Xuan Kong Da Gua is the distribution of the earth qi according to the magnetic field of a specific location. It is a complete system of classical Feng Shui that includes sophisticated Yijing formulas to assess landforms in conjunction with the qi patterns that influence a location.  Xuan Kong Da Gua is particularly useful in setting locations, such as the placing and orientation of doors, desks, and beds, etc.  In the orient, it is also extensively used in grave site selection. 

It is most effective when used together with the Flying Stars, because together they bring heaven qi and earth qi into good communication with each other.

Xuan Kong Date Selection is about choosing the right date and time to manifest one’s intentions.  This allows a person to ride the rhythm of the ebb and flow of the surrounding heaven and earth qi, taking advantage of the zenith and relaxing or regrouping during the valleys.  

Using date selection in conjunction with the Flying Stars and Xuan Kong Da Gua, allows us to bring alignment of heaven qi, earth qi together with the human qi.  Thus creates awesome "LUCK" in our lives.

Feng Shui is NOT about displaying "Feng Shui objects" at home that will bring you good luck.  It is about knowing where we are in space and time and let it assist us in communicating our intentions to the universe.  

When heaven and earth line up to our intentions, manifestation of our desire happens!


This came from a client.  The names have been changed to protect their privacy.  This message was sent to me within a week after the audit of their home.

In the email you sent James today, you asked about changes we notice.  I have one for you already.

The night following your visit to assess the house, we moved our bed into the recommended position.  Afterward I went back into the living area, and almost immediately went into an alpha state and began doing truly wu-wei crane taiji - correction: it was doing me.  I am much more snake energy and do not do much crane taiji, but I found myself going through several minutes of crane movements, one movement into the next, that I do not normally practice.  This turned into a very intense and relaxed but energetic session of swimming dragon.  I was not controlling the movement - the energy was.  This was by far the longest wu-wei episode I'd ever experienced (I've had maybe 2 total before this), and I have been practicing martial and healing arts for 16+ years.

James came into the room a few minutes later.  I asked him if you were perhaps tall, slender and graceful.  He said yes, but how would I know that?  Something told me you were a crane, or at least possessed a good bit of crane energy, which you must have shared with us.

This was very powerful and very interesting, and  the house immediately felt better after moving the bed - it still does.  Thanks so much for your work here.  We intend to follow all of your recommendations.

A couple of other things to add:
1. I had a client over yesterday for her usual Sunday evening session, and she came through the front door (Emperor's place), as usual.  James and I had been using the kitchen door as suggested.  About 15 minutes into the session a spider dropped down on a web-thread from the ceiling about 1/2" in front of my face.  Seemed to come out of nowhere.  Not sure if this was related to our using the front door or not.

2. This morning James found a large tarantula guarding the front door.  Hmmm...

- Kate


What is in a Time-Space Feng Shui audit?

Required information:

  1. Floor plan of each and every floor of the audited space (home or business)
  2. Year the space was built, last remodeled and the last move-in date
  3. Birth information (date, time, and place) of all family members in the household (residential) or members of the owner and management team (business)

What happens at the Time-Space Feng Shui audit?

  • After I recieve all the above information from you, we schedule an appointment of 2-3 hours depends on the size of the space
  • At the audit, I make a magnetic reading of the space and calculate the Flying Star chart for each floor
  • I walk with you through each part of the space, starting with the highest priority area and discuss the Qi flow and their interactive dynamic in the space.  I explain to you the adjustments you can make to optimize the Qi in your space for wealth, prosperity, health and well-being, harmonious relationships and so on.
  • At the end of this meeting, you recieve the floor plans with Flying Star chart superimposed and recommended adjustments marked out in their respective areas on the floor plans.
  • After the audit, there is a six-month follow up period.  During this time, I continue to work with you in implementing all the recommended adjustments, answer your questions regarding the audit, and guide through the process of empower your space to work for you.  This is done through telephone and email support. 

Examples of Time-Space Feng Shui audit:


On the right is the floor plan of a downtown loft.  The Flying Star chart is superimposed on the floor plan and with the recommended adjustments marked out in the respective areas of the loft.

On the left is a floor plan of an one-story office building.  The Flying Star chart and the recommended adjustments are noted here.


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For Lifeforce Portals, please email Ming Shan LadyI presently reside in Italy. 

Ming Shan Lady Commercial
Feng Shui Services

  • Audit of an existing business location
  • Search and selection of new business location
  • Feng Shui consultation on new business site selection and design
  • Plan and design of new development project, such as hotels, commercial buildings, and developments
  • Renovation of existing commercial spaces
  • Date selection for ground breaking & ground breaking ceramony
  • Date selection for move-in date, grand opening
  • Qi activation ceremony


Ming Shan Lady

Residential Feng Shui Services

  • Audit of an existing home
  • Prepare a house for sell
  • Search and selection of new home/condo /loft/apartment, etc.
  • Feng Shui consultation on new home site selection and design
  • Date selection for ground breaking of new home construction & ground breaking ceremony
  • Date selection for move-in, house-warming
  • Qi activation ceremony


Feng Shui Audit Information

For a Feng-Shui audit, you need to prepare the following (if possible):

  • An accurate floor plan of your building for every floor, the year it was built, history of major remodeling and the last move-in date
  • Birth information (date, time and place) of each and every key people live or work in the building


Chinese 4-Pillars (BaZi)

Life Reading & Date Selection

4-Pillars Life Reading

  • Some lucky ones (such as my husband and my son) know exactly what we want to do ever since childhood.  Would you like to have insights into how to make the best of it?
  • Some of us (such as me ;-)) spend many years of our lives wondering "what am I suppose to do when I grow up?"  Would you like to have some insights into this?
  • Do you want to know what is in store for you in the area of love, money, power, or fame?
  • From time to time, some of us find ourselves getting off track with our lives.  Would you like  some insights on how to regain your grooves?
  • Are you about to take on a new endeavor, such as starting a new business, going to school, marrying your soulmate, going after a career advancement or starting a new career?  Let 4-Pillars reading help you with selecting the best date and time, finding people who are compatible partner(s) in your business or personal relationships.

Date Selection

As in the old sayings: "Timing is everything."
  • When to close that important transaction?
  • When to launch your important campain?
  • When to hold a critical meeting?
  • When to hold a wedding ceramony?
  • When ......?
A personalized Date Selection calendar can be a great tool for gaining that extra edge when manifesting your intentions.  Even more powerful date selection can be achieved when using Yijing divination in conjunction with this calendar.

Required Information

for 4P Reading & Date Selection

  • Your birth date, time and place


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