Some Scientific Postulations on the Physics of Qi:

As a physicist, I have found myself at the loss of words at many curious phenomena in the practice of Time-Space Feng Shui.  However, through much recent research and the meeting of minds with many scientists who have also delved into the scientific inquiries on the spiritual aspect of our universe, I have come up with some postulations on how this all works.  Of course, scientific research will require much experimentation and observation of whether we can have reproducable results while applying these theories.  So please be open-minded and understand this is an inquiry, and we have more questions rather than answers.


What is qi?

Qi is also known as life force and many other names in different cultures. 

Magnetism and Magnetic Memory/Encoding

Since qi/superlight permeates all matter and space, then it is concievable that it contains intelligence through forms of magnetic encoding/memory. 

The Notion of Superlight

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Qi/Superlight-Magnetic Effect


Just as we have observed photo-electric effect (solar cell technology is based on this), we postulate that there exists  qi/superlight-magnetic effect.  This is consistent with the phenomena we observe as we work with qi of a space in our Feng Shui practices.  We have observed that sometimes, as we change the vibration of qi of a space, the local magnetic field shifts with such change, these shifts can be as large as several degrees off its original direction, well above of the measurement tolerance of our Luopan.

On the right is a image of a Luopan designed by Master Joseph Yu of the Feng Shui Research Center.  At the center is a magnetic needle that together with the outermost ring forms the compass of the Luopan.  Various other rings also consist of Bagua, Numerology, Yijing, the 24 mountains, the 12 earthly branches and other symbols.  Each of these symbols gives a distinction of the qi organization of the space.  It is notable that all these distinctions take form according to the magnetic field.


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